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Principles of Adventure Education

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Hello friends….what’s wrong….now Outbound di Batu will share very interesting and we will share them here, Interesting because here there will be a lot of knowledge that you will get how educational activities are adventure, hopefully this can benefit us…

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What i have suggests that mental growth is in very considerable measure dependent upon the growth from the outside in. i suspect that much of growth starts out by turning around on our traces and recording in new forms, with the aid of adult tutors, what we have been doing or seeing, then going onto new modes of organization with the new products that have been formed by these recordings.We say,”Isee what i’m doing now”,or “So that’s what the thing is”.The new models are formed in increasingly powerful representational system.It is this that leads me to think that the heart of educationalprocess consists of providings aids and dialoges for translating experience into more powerful systems of natation and ordering.And it is for this reason that i think a theory of development must be linked both to a theory of knowledge and to a theory of intruction, or doomed to triviality.(Jerome Bruner)

Those who have been involved in process of growth in young people (and those not so young) often talk with a sense of awe about the moment of wonder they are privileged to observe when an individual discovers something as being ‘real’ for the first time. Such moments may be when a poem makes sense, a theorem is provided from first principles, the mystery of the sun is appreciated, or the joy of accomplishing some feat previously thought impossible.This is what abraham Maslow was referring to when he talked of ‘peak experiences’: those moments of clarity when one’s reality is extended and one moves to a higher plane of understanding.

Sadly this events are all too infrequent in our classrooms or in our more formal educational settings. But somehow,when the barriers are relaxed,and the learner is found in a more ‘natural’ environment,within supportive reletions we havehip, then this type of learning becomes more commonplace.We have already seen how a variety of adventure education programmes have evolved over time and have had such an impact on the personality of generations of young and not so young people.There is an increasingly commonsense accepance that adventure education is a good thing and thats it work.People form all walks of life will attest to its value, and nowadays there is less need to become defensive in arguing for adventure education as an educational or social activity.

Despite this enthusiasm for and acceptance of adventure education,when the questions ‘why is it a good things?’ and ‘how does it work?’are asked, a coherent answer is rarely forthcoming.Yet they are proufoundly important question.Whitout understanding the principles underlying the procces and why its work in the way it does, how can priciples into practice?similary, if we do not know how to put these principles into practice, how can we countinue to design and provide meaningful experiences for participants on adventure education courses?

These than are the questions we have set ourselves for this and the following chapter.In this chapter we are concerned whit learning: why does the procces work in the way it does? what priciple underlie the experience?in the following chapter we will look more closely at how these principles can be put into practice and used to design adventure education programmes. Although this separation is appealing in theory,is it difficult in practice to avoid overlap, but we have tried to keep the distinction in mind in the structure and writing of this and the following chapter.

Dispite this still represent a long journey quite an adventure in itself it may be useful at the beginning to draw a sketch map of where we are going. we begin with a few word about the importance of specifiying principles and of developing a common language with which to discuss our work. We than attempt to define the concept of adventure. Whit this framework in mind we then turn to reseach to see what we have learned about outcomes of adventure education. Having developed some nation of the impact of adventure education programmes on the self concept we then review the procces of learning that underpins it. At these elements of learning theory are presented holistically in adventure education programmes, we disccus the experiential learning procces that has become a main feature of many programmes,in rethoric at least. Whit this board picture in mind, we conclude by looking at three examples of young people who went through this procces of personality growth.

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Principles of Adventure Education | Outbound di Batu Malang

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